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The Reality of Overunity Generators: Evidence for an Open-System Universe

There are two energy generation processes that operate in the universe: conservative energy generation and nonconservative energy generation. Standard physics recognizes only one of these sources, conservative energy generation. But in doing so it leaves a large number of observed energy generation phenomena unexplained, as for example overunity generators that produce energy without consuming fuel. Let us review these two classes of technologies and start first with the conventional technologies that are currently sanctioned by society.
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May 4th radio interview about “Mr. X” and his water Fuel Secret

An inventor referred to as “Mister X” appeared on the “Late Night in the Midlands” radio talk show on Wednesday May 4th, 2011 at 10 PM EST.  Although pre show publicity claimed that he would reveal all the details about his water fuel technology, in fact he kept the details to himself.  It was also claimed that he has survived ten …
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Conventional Energy: Solar Energy

Solar Water Desalination Project, Alternative Energy Research conducted by the Starburst Foundation at a California Water Institute research site on the campus of California State University at Fresno.
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  • Starburst Foundation Profile

    The Starburst Foundation is a nonprofit research institute based in Schenectady, New York and Athens, Greece.
    It was incorporated in the state of Oregon in January of 1984 for the purpose of carrying out scientific research and public education directed to the betterment of humanity and the planet. The Foundation’s research activities are carried out with the intention of:

    1. preserving and protecting the ecosystem of our planet from natural or man-made disturbances,
    2. promoting technologies that would improve our everyday life, and
    3. improving our understanding of ourselves as human beings and our comprehension of the universe of which we are an integral part.

    Starburst serves as a vehicle through which donors may support high-quality leading-edge research necessary to mankind’s survival in this new age.

  • Latest News

    Earth Engulfed by Superconducting Interstellar Dust Particles During the Last Ice Age

    Paper finally published after 30+ year journal battle ordeal. Samples retrieved from the ice age portion of the Camp Century, Greenland ice core show evidence that a major cosmic dust incursion episode occurred 49,000 years ago, the largest to occur in the past several hundred thousand years. Dr. Paul LaViolette, director of the Starburst Foundation, a New York based research institute, has found that over a period of at least 6 years, interstellar dust was entering the Earth’s atmosphere at up to 100,000 times that of the current cosmic dust influx rate. He presents this discovery in a paper that that is appearing in the December 1st issue of Advances in Space Research.
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