Oct. 16, 2003

Beginning in the early 1970s, Paul La Violette set himself the daunting task of attempting to begin to understand all of physics, life processes, and large scale cosmic structure, with a new model of an all-pervading ether.  In Subquantum Kinetics, we have his masterwork of detailed formulations, not of the naïve mechanical ethers of the past, but of what he calls a reaction-diffusion ether that he shows is able to make predictions <many of which he shows to have been verified> that contemporary physics and astrophysics cannot begin to do.  Whether correct or not in the extrapolation of his fundamental paradigm, upward from this microphysical realm of "etherons" to the macrocosm of life and galaxies, Paul LaViolette's book is an admirable and lucid account that open-minded scientists would do well to examine carefully for its creative insights.

Dr. Eugene F. Mallove
Editor-in-Chief, Infinite Energy Magazine
President, New Energy Foundation, Inc.