Zero-Point Energy and Its Implications on Modern Society


I am writing this post to seek answers for a few questions from a respectable physicist or  an individual with expertise in the subject. Currently, I am in the process of researching information for an essay I am writing for a university. The topic I am trying to explain is why zero-point energy is not only feasible, but an inevidable possibility as an alternative energy source in the near future. For anyone who is not familiar with the subject, Scientific American has an excellent article at this link:

I have read Thomas Valone’s Zero Point Energy The Fuel of the Future and Joseph  Farrell’s Secrets of the Unified Field and became immediately interested in the subject of free energy.  These books helped me understand the concept fairly well, but they did not really clearly address the reason the technology is not mainstream. They did mention that the subject was highly controversial, classified, and even rejected by some scientists despite the fact that there is data and experimental measurements of the energy (i.e. that Helium does not solidify even when cooled to temperatures approaching absolute zero).

My questions arose when I was contemplating the power of this technology and its possible effects on human civilization if it was mass-produced. The specific questions are as follows:

Do you think zero-point energy is a viable source of alternative energy?

Do you believe zero-point energy generators can be mass produced?

What would some of the immediate and long term benefits be from usage of zero-point energy generators?

In your opinion, is society ready for zero-point energy? Why or why not?

What steps should leaders in the field take to introduce zero-point energy to the general public?

These are the questions that I have been contemplating for some time. I am seeking opinions from other informed individuals to compare mine thoughts with. Any help and comments are appreciated.