CMBR map aligned with ecliptic?

While researching the Copernican principle in Wikipedia, I noted the reference to the surprising finding that the cosmic microwave background radiation map from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe is aligned with the ecliptic.  Does SQK theory shed any light on this mystery?

Answer to your question: This ecliptic alignment found in analysis of the CMRB data is certainly embarrassing for the big bang theory.  The discussion found on the Gonzo Science website, I think about sums it up.   In my 1983 Ph.D. dissertation I had commented on the fact that the hot and cold poles of the CMBR are aligned near the ecliptic and almost exactly perpendicular to the Galactic center implying that there may be a contribution by cosmic ray electrons streaming from the Galactic core, becoming caught in the solar system’s magnetosphere and heating nearby magnetized plasma.  As I show in ch. 7 of  Subquantum Kinetics, the 2.73° K temperature of CMBR is easily explained by heating of nearby filaments of magnetized plasma by the incident cosmic ray background radiation flux.  This radiation would have to be present regardless of whether or not a primordial explosion also created it.  So a big bang cause is superfluous.  This favors subquantum kinetics which instead predicts that matter creation takes place through a process of continuous creation.
Paul LaViolette,  January 28, 2011