Genic energy powering pulsar?

News that magnetic fields do not explain flaring activity of pulsar. Could this support a genic energy explanation for flaring outbursts?

Answer to your question: Yes, this is strong evidence for genic energy production in evolved stellar cores.  The above link relates to the discovery of the slowly rotating neutron star SGR  0418.  Standard theory predicts that neutron stars are collapsed objects that are unable to generate energy through nuclear fusion due to lack of fuel.  Evidence of cosmic ray energy production in neutron stars presumes that their rotating magnetic fields accelerates particles consuming the energy stored in the rotation of their mass.  But this pulsar, which rotates about once every 9 seconds has a weak magnetic field and no sign of slowing down, hence no indication of rotary energy loss.  So the problem is what fuels its radiation output and in particular the X-ray flares that it gives off.  Subquantum kinetics, on the other hand, predicts that neutron stars should be producing genic energy in their interiors at a very high rate due to the phenomenon of spontaneous photon blueshifting.  So large energy fluxes are expected to be coming from neutron stars due to energy spontaneously created in their interiors.  Since standard theory has no reasonable explanation for what is happening in SGR 0418, this is a win for SQK.

Paul LaViolette,  January 28, 2011

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