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17) Superluminal pulse and gravity beam experiment. There is also the project to build a high power Obolensky pulse generator to study the gravitational effects and superluminal speeds of shock discharges. This would involve a substantial cost of $200,000 to fabricate a custom built pulse generator and would require the participation of Mr. Obolensky. The project would likely take a year to conduct.


18) SETI research on pulsar signals. Starburst also has an ongoing interest in extraterrestrial communication, particularly in investigating the possibility that pulsars may be artificially created communication/navigation beacons. Evidence supporting this hypothesis is presented in Dr. LaViolette's book Decoding the Message of the Pulsars(32) and in the abstract to his paper presented at the American Astronomical Society in January, 2000.(33) LaViolette has received emails from many scientists and professionals who have read his book stating their interest in helping to analyze pulsar signal data to determine whether it might contain transmitted information. Some of these people have sophisticated backgrounds in cryptography and information theory as well as access to computer programs capable of performing the required analysis. Consequently, the Starburst Foundation has begun contacting astronomers in an effort to obtain radio telescope data of certain pulsars. When obtained, this data will be passed on to these volunteer groups for analysis. In the event that nonrandom patterns are discovered which cannot be attributed to a natural cause, this discovery would be of enormous scientific/social import.

Moreover evidence gathered to date suggests that pulsars are referring to a major Galactic core cosmic ray outburst (Galactic superwave) that swept through our solar system around 16,000 to 11,000 years ago. Such phenomena, which are potentially hazardous to civilizations throughout the Galaxy, would be a likely conversation topic for interstellar communication. Consequently, the Starburst Foundation has an ongoing interest to decipher extraterrestrial communications for possible information about future superwaves and ways to protect our solar system from them.


19) ET contact. Starburst also has plans to conduct an ET communication project which would involve construction of three radio frequency pulse generators operating at the pulse frequencies for the Crab, Vela, and Vulpecula pulsars. Each pulse generator would be powered from its own rechargable battery pack. The purpose would be to arrange a close encounter with a hopefully friendly alien civilization. One benefit of such contact would be that we might learn information about the approaching superwave such as its precise time of arrival, intensity, and duration. Also we could inquire about methods of constructing a superwave shield for protection of our solar system, whether this could be done with microwave beam technology or whether mass prayer would be sufficient. A rendezvous point would be selected where the signal generators would be set up and operated. The region would be monitored for signs of return communication with an on site professional video and audio crew. A preliminary test would be carried out to see if there were any signs of ET contact. If so, a more formal contact event could be planned where a large number of witnesses could be assembled. This assembly would include people who were substantially spiritually advanced, prominant open minded scientists, a number of celebrities, members of the press and media, including a professional video and audio crew. The first phase of the project, construction of three pulse generators and power supply units and preliminary testing, would span about 12 months. The second phase of the project would require an additional 6 months to prepare and would include funds for roundtrip air fare and lodging for 20 core witnesses.


20) Book on feeling tone theory. Starburst would like to support Paul LaViolette in his effort to write a book on feeling tone theory which will be based on papers that he and Bill Gray wrote in the 1970's and 80's. It also plans to further publicize the feeling tone conception of mental process, a novel theory that gives insights into how the human mind grasps and creates ideas and that emphasizes the significant role which feelings play in this process. The theory provides strategies for fostering creativity and effective communication both in the classroom and business environment.

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