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Earth Engulfed by Superconducting Interstellar Dust Particles During the Last Ice Age

Paper finally published after 30+ year journal battle ordeal. Samples retrieved from the ice age portion of the Camp Century, Greenland ice core show evidence that a major cosmic dust incursion episode occurred 49,000 years ago, the largest to occur in the past several hundred thousand years. Dr. Paul LaViolette, director of the Starburst Foundation, a New York based research institute, has found that over a period of at least 6 years, interstellar dust was entering the Earth's atmosphere at up to 100,000 times that of the current cosmic dust influx rate. He presents this discovery in a paper that that is appearing in the December 1st issue of Advances in Space Research.
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Excerpt from Paul LaViolette's 1983 Ph.D. dissertation "Galactic Explosions, Cosmic Dust Invasions, and Climatic Change" From Chapter 3 "Modeling the Hypothesized 14,200 BP Superwave" © 1983 Paul LaViolette   3.3.3 Geomagnetic Effects As was mentioned in the previous subsection, solar flares would have been more energetic and would have occurred with greater frequency during a superwave event due to the accretion of …
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Galactic Superwaves and Core Explosions

One principal area of research that the Starburst Foundation is involved with is the investigation of Galactic superwaves, intense cosmic ray particle barrages that travel to us from the center of our Galaxy and that can last for periods of up to several thousand years. Astronomical and geological evidence indicates that the last major superwave impacted our solar system around 12,000 to 16,000 years ago and produced abrupt changes of the Earth's climate. It is estimated that approximately one or two superwaves strong enough to trigger an ice age are presently on their way to us from their birth place 23,000 light years away. There is a finite chance that one such event could arrive within the next few decades.
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Galactic Cosmic Ray Volleys: A Coming Global Disaster

Galactic core outbursts are the most energetic phenomenon taking place in the universe. During the early 60's astronomers began to realize that the massive object that forms the core of a spiral or giant elliptical galaxy periodically becomes active spewing out a fierce barrage of cosmic rays with a total energy output equal to hundreds of thousands of supernova explosions
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Superwave Predictions

Superwave Theory Predictions and their Subsequent Verification in the fields of astronomy and climatology

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Superwave Preparedness

There is an over 90% likelihood that a superwave will arrive in the next 400 years, with a finite chance that one could arrive in the next decade. Currently, radio astronomers are monitoring the cosmic ray synchrotron radiation activity of the Galactic core on a daily basis. They report their findings regularly in IAU (International Astronomical Union) circulars.
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Superwave, Essay by Dr. Bloomer

Averting Impending Extinction of Our Civilization by a Recurrent "Superwave" from the Galactic Center (Essay by Dr. John Bloomer, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineer)
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Question Regarding the Galactic Center's Current Effects

Paul LaViolette attempts to address some questions regarding the Galactic Center's Current Effects on the Sun and Earth.
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U.S.-Soviet Antarctic program exchange

In 1987, during the peristroika period, Starburst Foundation researcher Paul LaViolette spearheaded the first US-Soviet ice core exchange. This resulted in closer ties between U.S. and Soviet ice core programs. LaViolette's initial intention was to obtain ice samples from the new deep ice core that had been drilled at the Soviet base in Vostok, Antarctica.
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Paul LaViolette's 1983 Ph.D. dissertation

Excerpt from Paul LaViolette's 1983 Ph.D. dissertation "Galactic Explosions, Cosmic Dust Invasions, and Climatic Change"
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    Astrophysicist Paul Alex LaViolette, PhD has passed away

    8 November 1947 – 19 December 2022 ( Paul Alex LaViolette, a Doctorate of Philosophy in Systems Science, was an astrophysicist, an inventor and a philosopher whose thinking was outside the box: a Renaissance Man. Dr. LaViolette was president of the Starburst Foundation under whose aegis he had been conducting interdisciplinary research in physics, astronomy, ecology, climatology, systems theory, psychology …
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