The Starburst Foundation abides by the following operating principles:

  1. We shall convey through words, symbols and actions openness and respect toward all people. All our aims and objectives shall be achieved through peaceful and non-political means.
  2. We shall recognize each race or nation, in thoughts, words and deeds, as an essential part of the whole of humanity.
  3. We dedicate ourselves to creating peace and harmony by seeking unity beyond political, religious and social bias.
  4. Our objectives shall be carried out in a manner which recognizes the essential equality and uniqueness of every human being. Loving kindness, friendship, practical cooperation and sharing shall prevail.
  5. The practical results of our research will be utilized for the furtherance of world peace and prosperity.
  6. In our work we shall abide by international law, and by the laws of all nations in which we operate.
  7. We are aligned to serve responsibly in meeting the needs of evolving humanity, living in harmony with all realms of nature as stewards of our planet.
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    Starburst relies on donations and bequests from the general public, charitable institutions, and the business community. Every contribution helps.

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