History has shown that the most significant scientific breakthroughs were not deduced from the existing theoretical framework, but rather arose as marked departures from conventional thinking. Generally such new views challenged long-cherished assumptions espoused by the established paradigm and were therefore actively resisted by the old guard.

The peer review process, which normally is relied on to determine which ideas out of the many should become funded, is often subject to this bias. As a result, new ideas that could potentially produce scientific breakthroughs are generally refused funding. Thus most work carried out in today's research institutions tends to be traditional, rather than innovative.

The Starburst Foundation was formed to circumvent this problem. It serves as a vehicle through which donors may fund high-quality leading-edge research that otherwise would have great difficulty finding financial support. By greasing the wheels of change, the Starburst Foundation helps to create new concepts and tools nec-essary to mankind's survival in the new age that is now upon us.

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