Research Areas

Research Areas

The Foundation is pursuing the following projects:

  1. Astronomy and Climatology: The Foundation is investigating Galactic superwaves [cosmic ray outbursts from the Galactic Center] and their past effects on the Earth's climate and biosphere. Starburst is:
    • publishing technical papers that relate to the superwave phenomenon, abrupt climatic change during the ice age, and the cause of the Pleistocene megafaunal extinction,
    • accumulating astronomical and geological evidence supporting the existence of superwaves in our Galaxy and in other galaxies, and
    • communicating these findings to scientists, governmental institutions, and the general public through technical journal publication, personal correspondence, television interviews, news media releases, and lectures.
    • The Foundation is interested to conduct a polar ice core analysis study to determine how cosmic dust, terrestrial dust, and beryllium-10 have varied in concentration over time and to determine how such variations correlate with abrupt changes of climate, geomagnetic field excursions, and animal extinction episodes. This would provide much needed information about how superwaves have affected the Earth in the past.
  2. Physics and Astronomy: The Foundation is researching subquantum kinetics, a new physics methodology that offers a novel approach to understanding nature at the quantum level. Starburst is:
    • Publishing technical papers that apply the subquantum kinetics methodology to the description of both microphysical and astronomical phenomena thereby resolving many long-standing paradoxes of physics and offering a new, more satisfying explanation for the origin of the physical universe; networking these findings to scientists, governmental institutions, and the general public,
    • Planning a research study that would experiment with computer software that would simulate subquantum, reaction-diffusion processes, thereby producing visual images of particle-like structures that would behave similarly to subatomic particles and realistically display particle-field interactions.
  3. Extraterrestrial Communication: Evidence has recently been disclosed which suggests that radio pulars are communication / navigation beacons of extraterrestrial intelligence origin; see Decoding the Message of the Pulsars by Paul LaViolette. The Foundation is interested in further investigating evidence that pulsar signals may be conveying intelligent information. Also we are interested in establishing contact with civilizations transmitting these signals.
  4. Psychology and Education: The Foundation has promoted the feeling tone conception of mental process, a novel theory that resolves the long-standing mystery of how the human mind is able to produce creative thought and that emphasizes the significant role feelings play in this process.
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