Superwave Preparedness

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Mass Prayer and Meditation

Perhaps one of the most effective things that could be done to prevent or lessen the effects of an approaching superwave is collective prayer. Prayer and meditation by millions or billions of people around the world conducted in synchronized fashion could have a real physical effect. Experiments by Princeton University researcher Robert Jahn have shown that the average person is capable of producing psychokinetic effects, to move a target plate sufficiently to cause a change in an interferometer sensor. Imagine what effect millions of people would have. It is possible that through prayer we could protect the Earth from an oncoming superwave and deflect any harmful energy that might be approaching. The Starburst Foundation supports all organizations conducting planetary healing prayer/meditations. Examples of groups already organized to do this include the following:

2012 Global Healing Meditation (every Saturday at 8 PM GMT)

Currently, the Starburst Foundation is one of the few organizations researching this important astronomical phenomenon. It is a scientific research institute dedicated to discovering how Galactic superwaves have affected our planet in the past, to implementing an international early-warning system for future events, and to investigating ways of lessening the adverse effects of superwaves on our planet. The Starburst Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit U.S. corporation that is supported by charitable contributions.


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