Frontier Physics: Subquantum Kinetics

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Subquantum Kinetics Predictions and their Verification

Pioneer Effect Prediction
Nobel Laureate Hans Bethe agreed to sponsor LaViolette's paper to have it posted to the Cornell electronic preprint archive About this Pioneer effect prediction, Bethe conveyed to LaViolette that he felt that LaViolette "may have something there" and that he "doesn't know of anyone else who has proposed something similar."


Book Review of Subquantum Kinetics by Prof. Eugene Podkletnov

Book Review of Subquantum Kinetics by by Hal Fox of Journal of New Energy

Paper on the Pioneer Effect Prediction

News story on LaViolette's prediction by Sepp Hasslberger

The Origin of Subquantum Kinetics

Publications and Papers

The Archive Freedom Project

Should the communication to the scientific community of innovative research be blocked by a small clique of physicists just because it differs from conventional thinking? The publicly funded internet archive is currently practicing such frivolous censorship.

Visit to learn more about this and to help bring about a change.


Listen to Mike Hagen's Radio Orbit talk show interview with Dr. Paul LaViolette.
Discusses subquantum kinetics, galactic superwaves and physics establishment repression.

Download: LaViolette.mp3 (File size: 14 MB)

(January 23, 2005) (2 hours 4 min)

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