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Astrophysicist Paul Alex LaViolette, PhD has passed away

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8 November 1947 – 19 December 2022


Paul Alex LaViolette, a Doctorate of Philosophy in Systems Science, was an astrophysicist, an inventor and a philosopher whose thinking was outside the box: a Renaissance Man. Dr. LaViolette was president of the Starburst Foundation under whose aegis he had been conducting interdisciplinary research in physics, astronomy, ecology, climatology, systems theory, psychology and ancient mythology. He is the originator of theories in areas of astronomy, physics, geology, and cognitive psychology which have been published in various professional journals and provide explanations to various thus far inadequately answered questions. His published books and articles explain the theories he has put forth and in them he substantiates each tenant in detail based on extensive, in-depth painstaking research. His book titles include: Genesis of the Cosmos: the Ancient Science of Continuous Creation (first print published as Beyond the Big Bang), Subquantum KineticsEarth Under Fire, Decoding the Message of the Pulsar, and Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion which was an Amazon top seller the first year and presents a comprehensive study of advanced propulsion systems propelling unconventional flying objects and classified craft such as the B-2 bomber and other advanced craft such as those seen around Area 51. He had also edited “A Systems View of Man,” essays by systems theorist Ludwig von Bertalanffy. Some of Paul’s books have been published in several languages including but not limited to Greek and Russian. His publications are detailed on his website

Paul served as a solar energy consultant for the UN, the Club of Rome, and the Greek government and had also consulted with Hughes Aircraft Corp. on ways to improve innovation in the company’s work force. He has advised NASA on the advantages of field propulsion technology and participated in the critical review of the Columbia Space shuttle accident.

Paul and younger sister Mary were born in Niskayuna a suburb of Schenectady, New York, USA to a Greek-American Mom chemist and an American Dad physicist and engineer who had participated in the Manhattan Project. Paul’s insatiable curiosity was apparent from a very early age: his first word had not been Mama or Papa but “FOS” (“light” in Greek)! His father, who was a nuclear engineer at General Electric’s Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, began teaching physics to Paul at elementary school age. As Paul grew he spent time with his chemistry set but was also a good piano student. As a young teen he enjoyed creating gunpowder rockets which he was allowed to launch in the backyard. Paul attended 9th and 10th grades at Niskayuna High School where by sophomore year he had become president of the science club and at age 16 invented a solar powered water pump which was promoted by VITA (Volunteers for International Technical Assistance) for use in developing countries and is being used in arid areas throughout the middle east up to today. In 1963 the family moved to Athens, Greece where his father was on assignment with the International Atomic Energy Commission to teach scientists at the Democritus National Research Center how to conduct experiments with their new “swimming pool” type nuclear reactor. The first year in Athens Paul attended Athens College where he took all the courses available in English – mostly math and science – but he did take trigonometry in Greek only to point out to the teacher an incorrect answer in the answer book! That year Paul took up playing the guitar. His father, who loved history, made a point of taking the family to visit the numerous archeological sites which all enjoyed. The next year Paul attended the American Community Schools in Halandri for his senior year and after graduating in 1965, Paul obtained a BS in Physics from Johns Hopkins University, an MBA in Organizational Administration from the University of Chicago, and a PhD in Systems Science from the State University of Oregon in Portland.

Paul’s college years were the years of the Vietnam war and, as a conscientious objector, Paul interrupted his MBA to complete two years of alternative service at Harvard University’s School of Public Health where he invented an improved pulsation dampener for air sampling pumps as well as a new type of life-support rebreather apparatus currently used throughout the world by firefighters and miners replacing dangerous oxygen tanks.

Paul’s curiosity in science and discussions with his father led him to spend hours and hours researching, reading and pondering. Thus his theories unfolded over many years. One evening at age 22 it all came together for him and his new theory of physics was born. Based on his theory, Paul made predictions about what would be encountered in outer space and posted these on his website. Then years later, when NASA was puzzled with some mission findings, Paul pointed out the correct explanation from the predictions he had posted.

Some of Paul’s firsts include:

Dr. LaViolette was the originator of subquantum kinetics, a novel unified field theory approach to microphysics which resolves many long-standing problems in physics and which provides a rational alternative to the big bang cosmology. Subquantum Kinetics has had 12 of its predictions later verified by astronomical observation. He is also the first to show that a similar science of matter-energy creation is metaphorically encoded in certain ancient creation myths and esoteric lore.

Paul was the first astronomer to disprove the expanding universe theory by showing its inability to fit observational data in a consistent manner. Paul has modified one of Newton’s laws and one of Einstein’s laws.

He was also the first to show evidence that energy is being spontaneously created inside planets and stars through a photon energy blue-shifting effect. His early predication of the magnitude of this frequency shift effect were confirmed in spacecraft tracking experiments which detected this blueshift, more commonly known as the Pioneer effect. He is also credited with discovering that the masses and luminosities of both planets and stars conform to the same mass-luminosity relation, a finding which led him to correctly predict that brown dwarf stars should also conform to this relation.

Dr. LaViolette was the originator of the galactic superwave theory which proposes that cosmic ray outbursts from the center of our Galaxy periodically trigger major shifts in the Earth’s climate.  In testing this theory he became the first to discover high concentrations of cosmic dust and gold in ice age polar ice.  He also initiated the world’s first discovery of anomalous isotopic ratios in extraterrestrial tin.  In 1988 he initiated the current US-Russian ice core exchange program becoming the first U.S. glaciologist to receive polar ice samples from the former Soviet Union.

Paul correctly predicted that interstellar dust recently entered the solar system something that was confirmed ten years later by data received from the Ulysses spacecraft.  Also, he uncovered evidence which establishes the past occurrence of immense solar flare storm outbursts causing a terrestrial conflagration.  He was also the first to show evidence that the last ice age was ended by a global warming episode.

He was the first to reverse engineer the B-2 bomber’s propulsion technology and also was the first to explain the microwave beam technology used to propel vehicles developed in the super secret Skyvault Project.

Paul was the originator of the glacier wave flood theory that not only provides a reasonable scientific explanation for widespread continental floods at the end of the last ice age, but also presents a credible explanation for the sudden freezing of the arctic mammoths and demise of the Pleistocene mammals.

Dr. LaViolette’s findings about superwaves and their climatic effects have been spotlighted in documentaries which aired on the Discovery and History channels in the US.

Paul also had many accomplishments in Archaeoastronomy, Mythology and Esoteric Lore.  His findings opened a new doorway to the interpretation of our ancient past.  Aided by his background in general system theory and physics, he was able to successfully decipher the lost science said to be encoded in the lore of the Tarot and astrology.  He found that the first 11 major arcana of the Tarot and the 12 signs of the zodiac both use symbolic metaphor to present an advanced science of matter and energy creation.  He has shown that the systems-genesis concepts they encode were discovered by modern science only in the last 40 years.  He was also the first to discover that this same advanced creation science is metaphorically encoded in certain ancient creation myths from various parts of the world:

* Egypt: the myth of Atum, the passion of Osiris;

* Greece: the Olympian creation myth, Plato’s story of Atlantis, the myth of Castor & Pollux;

* Near East: the Babylonian creation myth about Marduk and Tiamat, the Sumerian creation myth about An and Ki, the Phoenician myth about Adonis and Aphrodite;

* India: the Vishnu creation myth;

* New Zealand: the story of Rangi and Pappa;

* China: the I Ching.

Also he discovered the scientific significance of ancient Egyptian symbols such as the ankh, djed pillar, tyet, and aker sphinx; and of the Hindu symbol of Shiva Nataraja.  He also found new evidence embedded in an ancient Egyptian text that supports the belief that ancient Magi performed initiation rites into the Osirian mysteries by entering an underground labyrinth symbolically accessed through the breast of the Sphinx.  Furthermore, in the area of archeology and archaeoastronomy, Dr. LaViolette was the first to discover and decode a scientifically advanced time-capsule message concealed in the lore of the zodiac and which utilizes a cryptographic key-and-check mechanism to facilitate cross-cultural transmission of its encoded knowledge. He found that this cipher describes the Galactic and solar cause of the legendary global catastrophe that decimated civilization at the end of the last ice age and that gave rise to numerous myths about the darkening of the luminaries, burning of the Earth, and occurrence of a great flood.  He discovered that the cipher related how an intense volley of cosmic rays, explosively emitted from the center of our Galaxy, had bombarded our solar system and pushed in light occluding particles of cosmic dust.  This ancient scientific record inspired him to carry out an extensive program of interdisciplinary Ph.D. research to search for corroborating evidence.  His findings were later published in refereed scientific journals.  As such, Paul LaViolette may be the first to have conducted doctoral research for the purpose of checking out the validity of scientific information conveyed by a prehistoric time-capsule message.

He was the first to decipher the 14,000 B.C. date encoded in the Scorpius-Sagittarius zodiac constellations and in the Dendera ceiling zodiac.  Also he was the first to work out the significance of the 10,750 B.C. date encoded in the Giza pyramid complex, the Beth-Alpha Synagogue mosaic, and in the ancient Greek myth of Astraea.  His work provided new understandings of the ancient Minoan bull-leaping ritual, the Pleiadean rites, and the significance of myths connected with the Orion constellation.  In addition, he provided new insights about the constellations of Scorpius, Sagittarius, Sagitta, Centaurus, and Taurus.  He was also the first to decipher the astronomical significance of the South American Indian Barasana cosmology which refers to cataclysms caused by the Galactic center.  Furthermore, he has elucidated the astronomical and geological significances of:

* the Hopi legend of the Blue Star,

* the ancient Egyptian myths about the punishing Eye of Atum-Re, the vengeful Eye of Horus, Horus’ nearly fatal scorpion sting, and the battle between Horus and Set,

* the ancient Greek myth of Phaethon and the Sun Chariot and Plato’s story of Atlantis,

* the Mayan Popul Vuh creation myth about the Heart of Heaven,

* the Nordic legend of Ragnarok about the death riders of Muspell and the Sun-swallowing Fenris Wolf,

* the Yurucare Indian conflagration legend, and many others.

Physics is only as good as the theories it is based on. Whatever is currently accepted theory is taught in schools and defended as religion. Twenty-five years ago US scientists who wanted to work on free energy were being black balled from receiving National Science Foundation grants. Paul had difficulty finding favor in mainstream academia in the US and was even persecuted but fortunately he developed many open-minded followers around the world. The scientific community as a whole has been slow in appreciating the importance of Paul’s contributions as his ideas depart, sometimes radically, from current norms in scientific thinking. The full impact of his theories were not embraced in his own lifetime. The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said: “All truth passes through 3 stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Paul’s theories are expected to reach the third stage in the near future.

Paul lived in Athens, Greece and Niskayuna, NY with his wife Mariana Cristova and they enjoyed travelling wherever he was invited to lecture. He is survived by his wife Mariana, his sister Mary Margaret LaViolette, and his nephew, Anthony John Nicolopoulos. The funeral will be at 1:00pm Wednesday, 21 December 2022 at Zographou Cemetery in Athens. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Starburst Foundation, 1176 Hedgewood Lane, Niskayuna, NY 12309, USA, (or through the website) are preferred.

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