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Researchers identify largest ever solar storm in ancient 14,300-year-old tree rings

Posted on by Paul
Prof Theo Murphy sent me the following information on giant solar flares:


I just read this notice which reminds me about Paul's ideas concerning "giant solar flares":


A radiocarbon spike at 14,300 cal yr BP in subfossil trees provides the impulse response function of the global carbon cycle during the Late Glacial. By Bard E, Miramont C, Capano M, Guibal F, Marschal C, Rostek F, Tuna T, Fagault Y, Heaton TJ, is published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, on 9 October 2023. 381: 20220206 (2023).  (link will go live after publication)


This supports Dr Paul LaViolette's ideas!


Brendan Darrer
CEO at the Starburst Foundation
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