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News, Stories and Reviews

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News Stories and Reviews
Related to Starburst Research

Superwave Theory

• Oregonian, June 8, 1988 (larger view)

• Oregonian, November 3, 1988 (larger view)


• Astronomy magazine, AstroNews section, August 1986

Subquantum Kinetics

• "Brown dwarf discovery confirms theory of spontaneous energy generation," New Energy News, February 1996, pp. 17-18.

• "LaViolette prediction of Pioneer anomaly challenges energy conservation law," Enews Blog of Sepp Hasslberger

• Book review by Prof. Podkletnov in Infinite Energy magazine

• Book review by Hal Fox in Journal of New Energy
• Book review by Dr. Eugene Mallove, Editor-in-Chief, Infinite Energy Magazine


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Interviews and News

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Video Interviews, News Interviews, and Talkshow Interviews


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on Interviews and Videos about Starburst Foundation

Project Camelot Interview of Paul LaViolette speaking about Galactic superwaves
and subquantum kinetics (August 2009)

Interview download site (File size: 319 MB)



Radio Orbit talk show host Mike Hagen interviews
Paul LaViolette speaking about Galactic superwaves and radio pulsar beacons (January 2006)

 Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Mp3 file downloads for this radio interview:
first half, second half
Radio Orbit talk show host Mike Hagen interviews
Paul LaViolette speaking about subquantum kinetics, galactic superwaves,
and physics establishment repression (January 2005)
Mp3 download: LaViolette.mp3 (File size: 14 MB)
Excerpts from Dr. LaViolette's Disclosure Project interview (2000) on electrogravitics, subquantum kinetics, aerospace field propulsion, nonconventional energy inventions, and patent office suppression.


Disclosure Project Part I: Electrogravitics, subquantum kinetics,
T. T. Brown, Project Skyvault technology, the Electrogravitics Systems report

Disclosure Project Part II: Electrogravitics Systems report (cont.),
classification of the technologies, closed-minded bias in science, suppression
of new technologies, more on the B-2 and subquantum kinetics

Diclosure Project Part III: UFO invisibility, opposition from the American
Physical Society lobby , illegal Patent Office activities and need for reform

Other interviews are archived at the Sphinx Stargate website

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